Douglas Deeps Radio Show #29 05/09/16 – The Florida Selection

The Shed Collective returns after a well earned holiday.

The latest show features several tracks by Rival Consoles, Romare, Mr. Backside, as well as classics by The Orb and Alex Smoke and a few bandcamp finds such as fedbymachines and Circuit Bent. Essentially, the soundtrack to my holiday.

Heres links to the bandcamp artist sites for a number of the acts featured in the show…

Mr. Backside

Circuit Bent

Touched 3



Rival Consoles


Track listing
Embers – Silver Ash & Echo Inspectors
Little Fluffy Clouds (Thrash Single Mix) – The Orb
Passion (feat Jane R.Gee & Nico Soprano) – Mr Backside
Pure Evil – Atmosphere Feat I.B.E
Delusions – Khromi
Robotuss – Kerrier District
Highway – Mr Backside
Hey Now (When I Give You All My Lovin’) – Romare
Pattern of the North – Rival Consoles
Crazy Flaps – Circuit Bent
One More Day – fedbymachines
Dirty (Check Me Out) – Jehst
Epsilon Eridani – Mick Chillage
Impossible Mission III – Disrupt
Blame – Mr Backside
The Blues (It Began In Africa) – Romare
I Wanna Get High – Cypress Hill
Identikit – Radiohead
Mindbuffer – PanFm (Circuit Bent Remix) – Circuit Bent
Late Nineties – Emmerichk
Lost In Sound – Alex Smoke
Golden Dawn – Johannes Heil
Recovery – Rival Consoles
Vanishing Point – Ital Tek
Who Loves You? – Romare
Melankoli (Featuring Alice Carreri) – Lulu Rouge

Douglas Deeps Radio Show #23 07/03/16 – Attack The Bloc

The Shed Collective returns for its first show of 2016, featuring various artists appearing at this years Bloc festival as well as tracks from Douglas Deep and Manfred Hamils recently released Portal EP.

Track Listing

  • Ghosting by Rival Consoles
  • Sample from the film Dinner with Andre
  • Awaiting Acceptance by Manfred Hamil
  • Sample from the film Dinner with Andre
  • Silhouettes (i,ii,ii) by Floating Points
  • Knockout by Luke Vibert
  • Infrared Leakage by Manfred Hamil
  • Talking about Synth’s Sample
  • The Mother Lode by Thom Yorke
  • Penfield Mood Organ by Manfred Hamil
  • Universal Everything by Leftfield
  • 21st Century Planet Smashers by Disrupt
  • Star At The Summit by Alex Smoke
  • Through It All by Douglas Deep
  • Symmetry by Speedy J
  • Our Navigation by Four Tet
  • Rockwell promotional video sample
  • War Hole Monkey by Manfred Hamil
  • Fighting For by Roots Manuva
  • Scunner by Wraetlic
  • Ginelli by Ceephax Acid Crew
  • Drone Logic (Rodhad remix) by Daniel Avery
  • Jimmys Lament by Romare
  • Osmosis by (Ed Rush) & Optical
  • The Weakend State by Lackluster
  • Smooth Shot by Mr Backside
  • Fly Soup by Mr. Mitch
  • Walk Out by Douglas Deep

Douglas Deep’s Radio Show #12 02/02/15 – cnstru

The Shed Collective returns with an exclusive mix by cnstru, where even multiple broadband dropouts cant stop the music !!!

Last nights show was packed with technical difficulties (ha, I blame you Eric !!!)  and as a result the 2nd half of the show didn’t even make it onto the’s airwaves. However, fuck sky, here it is in all its late night spliced together from various component parts glory.

A cracking mix by cnstru (aka Hipgnosis) and a choice selection of tracks by myself to see out the night, including some Aphex Twin, Lackluster and Mr Backside.

As mentioned in the show, to get on Esa Ruoho’s crowdsourcing quest to purchase back his CDs, goto

Here are some links to where you can get to cnstru/Hipgnosis’s work,, and

The track listing..

cnstru’s shed session featured..

  • Raymond Scott – Bendix The Tomorrow People
  • The Future Sound Of London – The Final Inner Breath
  • Tricky – We Don’t Die
  • Moire – Mr. Figure
  • Ha Be – Lonely
  • The Weeknd – What U Need (Jacques Greene Edit)
  • Throwing Snow – As You Fall VIP
  • Astronomar – Gargoile (Massacooraman rmx)
  • Vlsonn – Iberia
  • Hagan – 1991
  • Objekt – CLK Recovery
  • Biologik – No Place Like Home
  • Cloaka – Junta
  • Ben Aqua – 4C1D (Gantman Ghetto House rmx)
  • DJ Pound – Prepare To Flash
  • Lotic – Coming Together (Arms ‘n’ Suites rmx)
  • Jam City – The Courts (Trytrydiedown refix)
  • Margaret Antwood – Business
  • TSVI – Malfunction
  • TSVI – Malfunction (Wallwork & RZR rmx)
  • Ardstepz – rinse out
  • Arma – Soundboy
  • TMRW – Today’s Present (Arshaw rmx)
  • Jaw Jam – Luv U (house dub)
  • Erdbeerschnitzel – Treat

and Douglas Deep closed off with

  • Vermont – Ubersprung
  • Aphex Twin – Parking Lot
  • Lackluster – Hugytrak
  • Mr. Backside – Heaven
  • Aphex Twin – Sam’s Car
  • Pig and Dan – Too Much Space
  • Lackluster – Windup
  • Mr. Backside – Atme Tief Durch
  • Caribou – Your Love Will Set You Free


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