Douglas Deeps Radio Show #7 01/09/14

Douglas Deep’s Shed Collective on BoxFrequency.FM 01/09/14.

A techno and ambient selection from the shed. There were a couple of connection issues in the first 15 minutes but it did eventually sort itself out 🙂

Track Listing….
1. D’s Groove by PhotoDementia
2. Modern Mode by Pendle Coven
3. Bredrin Beats by Pig and Dan
4. Bug in me system by RadioActiveMan
5. Mercurio by Discodromo, The Wayne D’Mellow remix, Available from Discaire Records
6. All Exhale by Luke Slater
7. Simulationszeilalter by Anthony Rother
8. Naïve Response by Daniel Avery
9. Behind the stars by Pantha Du Prince
10. Baby Kraut by Alter Ego
11. Nodrex by Claro Intelecto
12. Our Loss by FaltyDl
13. Under the glow of streetlights by Xela
14. Roygbiv by Boards of Canada
15. GTE by Bochum Welt
16. Spend More Time With Me by Remote Viewer
17. Precastor by SpringIntGut
18. Pen Y Fan by Dementio 13
19. Untitled Song by Dementio 13
20. Glock by Manfred Hamil
21. Fall by The Bug featuring Copeland
22. Rimmy by Mu-ziq
23. Come down to us by Burial

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