Douglas Deeps Radio Show #20 05/10/15 – A Tribute To Colin Faver – Phil Clement

The Shed Collective presents….

UD5 – Dedicated to Colin Faver by Phil Clement

“25 or so years ago as a kid trying to find his place in the world I used to listen to Colin Faver and Colin Dale on Kiss FM every Tuesday and Thursday night, most of the time recording the shows onto tape so I could re-listen on my Walkman on the way to and from school.

Those many nights over the years pretty much changed the way I thought about music, and lead me to start buying records and eventually Technics. The impact both Colins had on me is immeasurable, but I would like to publicly state my thanks to Colin Faver for being such a reliably great and passionate DJ, who was instrumental in the progression of the burgeoning UK Techno scene.

My greatest memory of the man was one night at the 91/92 New Year’s Eve Evolution rave at the Farnborough Recreation Centre in my home town where a fairly drunk me met Mr Faver while heading between rooms and almost shit myself thinking that the child catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang had come to collect all of the underage kids that had managed to get past the door staff. I still laugh about it to this day.

This one’s for you mate, rest in peace.”



  • Da Posse – In the Heat of the Night (Vocal Mix) – Freerange Records
  • Seven Davis Jr. – Friends (Detroit Swindle Friends On Acid Remix) – Classic Music Company
  • e:gum – Stop 2 (Dexter Remix) – Klein Records
  • Technasia feat. Green Velvet – Suga (Original Mix) – Toolroom
  • Djuma Soundsystem & Shades Of Gray – Madness (Hallo Halo Remix) – Audiomatique Recordings
  • Full Intention – Meteor Man (Original Mix) – OFF Spin
  • Kool D – Casablanca Sessions (Vocal Mix) – Tuskegee
  • La Fleur – Nightflow (Kenny Larkin Drama Mix) – Watergate Records
  • Marc Houle – Blunderstorm (Original Mix) – Minus
  • Nooncat – Ks?n (Original Mix) – Dilek Records
  • Teste – The Wipe (Rex Sepulveda Remix) – Plus 8 Records
  • James Ruskin & Mark Broom  – No Time Soon (Original Mix) – Blueprint Records
  • Adam Beyer & Reset Robot – Florians Cookie (Original Mix) – Drumcode
  • Sian & Cold Burn – Diamond Shore (Carlo Lio Remix) – Octopus Records
  • Pascal FEOS & Mas Ricardo – No Respect (2004) (Original Mix) – Level Non Zero Recordings
  • Sam Paganini – Chocolate (Original Mix) – Drumcode
  • Rob Hes – Confrontation (Original Mix) – Ideal Audio
  • Sven Vath – Ritual Of Life (Adam Port 108 Mix) – Cocoon Recordings
  • Renaissance Man – Stalker Humanoid (Dexter Remix) – BLN FM
  • Sandrino & Frankey – Acamar (Original Mix) – Innervisions
  • Stephan Bodzin – Sungam (Original Mix) – Systematic Recordings
  • Martin Buttrich & Konrad Black – Siamese Connection (Original Mix) – Rumors
  • Todd Bodine – Rainbow Chasers (Mihai Popoviciu Remix) – Highgrade Records (Germany)
  • Ninetoes – Finder (Original Mix) – Kling Klong
  • The Black Seeds – Almost Home (Coming Back Home – Jet Jaguar Remix) – Loop