Douglas Deep’s Radio Show #37 01/05/17 – Macerated Beats 4

This months shed collective features some lesser known but nonetheless amazing artists.

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So here are some links for their respective websites or albums.

Track Listing

  • Different – SomeGuy
  • Otherworld – Fanu
  • Faze – AK420
  • Devil Chord – Fanu
  • Mr Tav – felicidad – beats>sleep compilation microwaved beat sessions
  • Arrival – Sojo Soul Futureland
  • Another Day – Limes
  • The Darkest Day – Kid Koala Feat. Emilíana Torrini
  • nahncenz – caHOEnes – beats>sleep compilation microwaved beat sessions
  • earth.roam – evx
  • Rack Move Key – The Night Programme
  • An Aborted Beginning – Nils Frahm
  • Finder – Moderat
  • 2dst-m (Nitz Remix) – Bleupulp
  • Adrift – Kid Koala Feat. Emilíana Torrini
  • Xylo – Sojo Soul Futureland
  • IV – KCV$
  • Klodsmajor – Trentemøller
  • Get Out – Tammy Briggs
  • Yogi – Inflatable Rafts – beats>sleep compilation microwaved beat sessions
  • Cloud Pleaser – Sojo Soul Futureland
  • Endless – Funk D’Void
  • Inner City Life (Burial Remix) – Goldie & Burial
  • Glitch – Autechre
  • Just For A Day (Sunday) – TM Juke
  • mantra centauri – Sicilian AV project
  • Purple Dialect – krampus – beats>sleep compilation microwaved beat sessions
  • For Marmish – Floating Points
  • Burnt – Kiasmos

Douglas Deep’s Radio Show #35 06/03/17 – Keiron Hart presents “(1987-2017) A Musical Journey”

The Shed Collective is back again.

This is the shows 3rd birthday and to celebrate taking the helm was the one and only Keiron Hart. Keiron guides you through a very personal selection of tunes spanning that last 30 years, which have shaped his and many of his friends musical landscape.

Get on it…

Track listing (minus a few)….

  • The Orb – Towers Of Dub
  • Puremusic – Take a Seat and Relax (2015 Rework]
  • M/A/R/R/S – Pump Up The Volume (7″)
  • Madonna – Justify My Love
  • Enigma – Sadeness – Part I
  • Age Of Love – The Age Of Love – Jam & Spoon Watch Out For Stella Mix
  • The Shamen – Make It Mine
  • A Homeboy, A Hippie & A Funki Dredd – Total Confusion
  • Orbital – Chime
  • The Future Sound of London – Papua New Guinea (Andrew Weatherall Full Length Mix)
  • The Future Sound of London – Calcium
  • Speedy J – De-Orbit
  • Aphex Twin – Ageispolis
  • X-Press 2 – London Xpress (Original Mix)
  • Barbara Tucker – Beautiful People
  • Junior Vasquez – Get Your Hands Off My Man
  • Murk – Defected Presents House Masters -Murk Mixtape
  • Liberty City – If You Really Want Someone
  • DJ Sneak – Summer Day
  • Deep Dish presents Prana – Dream
  • Underworld – Rez
  • Hardfloor – Alternative
  • Deep Dish – Stay Gold
  • Boo Williams – Crissy Jazz
  • Andy Caldwell – Give a Little
  • Owusu – Nevermore
  • Dizzy – Funk in tha Trunk
  • Ian Pooley & Magik J – Heke (Magik’s Tasman Dub)
  • Faithless – Mass Destruction
  • St Germain – What´s New
  • Tim Engelhardt – Best Night In Cologne
  • Dario D’Attis, Reto Ardour – Virtual Mood
  • khen – Never Lose Your Innocence (Original Mix)

Douglas Deep’s Radio Show #32 05/12/16 – Gremlins

Some gremlins crept in the studio for the end of this months show, but the music is top draw.


  • Freeman Hardy & Willis Acid – Squarepusher/AFX
  • Raw Skillz (feat. Big Kwam And The Scratch Perverts) – Aquasky
  • LFO – Luke Vibert
  • No Maps (feat. Jo Whitby) – Dementio13
  • Cunts, Dicks, iPhones – Fictioncity
  • All Night – Romare
  • Cytokinesis – Douglas Deep
  • You (Teen Daze Rework) – Nils Frahm
  • The Hit Song (feat. Abdominal) – DJ Format
  • One Big Moment – Orbital
  • Never Fade – Trentemøller
  • NIGHTMARKET – Burial
  • Just Practise Featuring Mr Scruff – Fingathing
  • Dett – Plaid
  • All Sizes – Red Eyes
  • Take My Breath Away – Gui Boratto
  • Tajeen – A Guy Called Gerald
  • The Man With The Stick – I-F
  • Fall into Water – Illum Sphere
  • You What? Euphoria! – Pantha Du Prince
  • Busenfreund (Baby Mammoth Version 3) – Tosca
  • Angel Wings – B12
  • The Low Places – Jon Hopkins

Douglas Deeps Radio Show #28 01/08/16 – The JBrix & Fortune Sessions 2016

A couple of weekends ago i had the pleasure of a jam session in the shed with two very talented vocalists, Tammy ( and Fortune Briggs (

It started off with a chill out down the park, taking in the Farnborough airshow with friends, having a few beers and admiring some rather rude football skills and then we went back to the shed and just got on it. It was completely unrehearsed, unplanned and live, I laid down the beats and they just improvised wonderfully over the top. After being reminded all day to make sure that i recorded it all, i actually did !!!

So here is the majority of what we captured. Its got its quirks and is a little rough around the edges but that’s part of its charm. None of it was planned so you’ll hear what we heard coming out of the speakers, if you listen carefully, you might catch my boy in the background banging on about Pokemon and various Spiders, as well as us all laughing, chatting and generally having a wicked time.

To break up the sessions I also play you some exclusive beats from Den One ( and 54th Street Hustler (, along with a couple of my own tracks to bridge the gaps.

I hope you enjoy.

Douglas Deeps Radio Show #23 07/03/16 – Attack The Bloc

The Shed Collective returns for its first show of 2016, featuring various artists appearing at this years Bloc festival as well as tracks from Douglas Deep and Manfred Hamils recently released Portal EP.

Track Listing

  • Ghosting by Rival Consoles
  • Sample from the film Dinner with Andre
  • Awaiting Acceptance by Manfred Hamil
  • Sample from the film Dinner with Andre
  • Silhouettes (i,ii,ii) by Floating Points
  • Knockout by Luke Vibert
  • Infrared Leakage by Manfred Hamil
  • Talking about Synth’s Sample
  • The Mother Lode by Thom Yorke
  • Penfield Mood Organ by Manfred Hamil
  • Universal Everything by Leftfield
  • 21st Century Planet Smashers by Disrupt
  • Star At The Summit by Alex Smoke
  • Through It All by Douglas Deep
  • Symmetry by Speedy J
  • Our Navigation by Four Tet
  • Rockwell promotional video sample
  • War Hole Monkey by Manfred Hamil
  • Fighting For by Roots Manuva
  • Scunner by Wraetlic
  • Ginelli by Ceephax Acid Crew
  • Drone Logic (Rodhad remix) by Daniel Avery
  • Jimmys Lament by Romare
  • Osmosis by (Ed Rush) & Optical
  • The Weakend State by Lackluster
  • Smooth Shot by Mr Backside
  • Fly Soup by Mr. Mitch
  • Walk Out by Douglas Deep

Douglas Deeps Radio Show #20 05/10/15 – A Tribute To Colin Faver – Phil Clement

The Shed Collective presents….

UD5 – Dedicated to Colin Faver by Phil Clement

“25 or so years ago as a kid trying to find his place in the world I used to listen to Colin Faver and Colin Dale on Kiss FM every Tuesday and Thursday night, most of the time recording the shows onto tape so I could re-listen on my Walkman on the way to and from school.

Those many nights over the years pretty much changed the way I thought about music, and lead me to start buying records and eventually Technics. The impact both Colins had on me is immeasurable, but I would like to publicly state my thanks to Colin Faver for being such a reliably great and passionate DJ, who was instrumental in the progression of the burgeoning UK Techno scene.

My greatest memory of the man was one night at the 91/92 New Year’s Eve Evolution rave at the Farnborough Recreation Centre in my home town where a fairly drunk me met Mr Faver while heading between rooms and almost shit myself thinking that the child catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang had come to collect all of the underage kids that had managed to get past the door staff. I still laugh about it to this day.

This one’s for you mate, rest in peace.”



  • Da Posse – In the Heat of the Night (Vocal Mix) – Freerange Records
  • Seven Davis Jr. – Friends (Detroit Swindle Friends On Acid Remix) – Classic Music Company
  • e:gum – Stop 2 (Dexter Remix) – Klein Records
  • Technasia feat. Green Velvet – Suga (Original Mix) – Toolroom
  • Djuma Soundsystem & Shades Of Gray – Madness (Hallo Halo Remix) – Audiomatique Recordings
  • Full Intention – Meteor Man (Original Mix) – OFF Spin
  • Kool D – Casablanca Sessions (Vocal Mix) – Tuskegee
  • La Fleur – Nightflow (Kenny Larkin Drama Mix) – Watergate Records
  • Marc Houle – Blunderstorm (Original Mix) – Minus
  • Nooncat – Ks?n (Original Mix) – Dilek Records
  • Teste – The Wipe (Rex Sepulveda Remix) – Plus 8 Records
  • James Ruskin & Mark Broom  – No Time Soon (Original Mix) – Blueprint Records
  • Adam Beyer & Reset Robot – Florians Cookie (Original Mix) – Drumcode
  • Sian & Cold Burn – Diamond Shore (Carlo Lio Remix) – Octopus Records
  • Pascal FEOS & Mas Ricardo – No Respect (2004) (Original Mix) – Level Non Zero Recordings
  • Sam Paganini – Chocolate (Original Mix) – Drumcode
  • Rob Hes – Confrontation (Original Mix) – Ideal Audio
  • Sven Vath – Ritual Of Life (Adam Port 108 Mix) – Cocoon Recordings
  • Renaissance Man – Stalker Humanoid (Dexter Remix) – BLN FM
  • Sandrino & Frankey – Acamar (Original Mix) – Innervisions
  • Stephan Bodzin – Sungam (Original Mix) – Systematic Recordings
  • Martin Buttrich & Konrad Black – Siamese Connection (Original Mix) – Rumors
  • Todd Bodine – Rainbow Chasers (Mihai Popoviciu Remix) – Highgrade Records (Germany)
  • Ninetoes – Finder (Original Mix) – Kling Klong
  • The Black Seeds – Almost Home (Coming Back Home – Jet Jaguar Remix) – Loop