The Shed Collective present ‘The Hiatus Podcast Vol.6’

Its been a while since I put one of these out, so let me share with you some of the best music around xxx

The Shed Collective Podcast on iTunes 🙂


  • Baby It’s Not My Will by Christopher Port
  • La Lluvia by Alejandrito Argeñal
  • Local Tone by Buckminster Fuzeboard
  • A simple decision by Cuttooth
  • Gambino by Mr. Backside
  • The Journey (Gavsborg (Equiknoxx) Remix) by Illum Sphere
  • Isolation (Hidden Track) by AK420
  • A Story To Tell by Prozak Morris
  • The Sickness by Laurence Made Me Cry
  • Life, Life by Ryuichi Sakamoto
  • Deep Heart by Diane Marie Kloba
  • Slip Sliding Away by Steven Rutter
  • Box by Manfred Hamil
  • Eyn Hallow by Michael Price
  • F-Lower by Vesna
  • Give Up by Manfred Hamil
  • Blood Rain by Ital Tek
  • Heard It All Before by Laurence Made Me Cry
  • PAXHACK by Macerator
  • Spock Covex by Ochre & Roel Funcken
  • On The Streets by Mr. Backside
  • Somehow by Christian Kleine
  • Hand In Hand by Steven Rutter
  • Broque by The Generic
  • Envelopes (Chapter VI) by Leon Vynehall
  • Balaklavskiy Prospex (Ben Milstein rmx) by Roel Funcken
  • Quick Eternity (Four Tet Remix) by Daniel Avery
  • Blackpool Sands Forever (Rival Consoles Remix) by Daniel Brandt
  • Cantus Patris by Antonio Trinchera
  • Stars Collide by Arovane & Hior Chronik
  • Glow Worms by Cheju
  • Mind Tricks (LKSDRHSTLR x AK420) by LKSDRHSTLR
  • Lexicon by µ-Ziq featuring Kazumi

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