The Shed Collective present ‘The Hiatus Podcast Vol.4’

More from the Shed….

The Shed Collective Podcast on iTunes 🙂


  • The Full Retard by El-P
  • Lazy Sunday by The Lonely Island Feat. Chris Parnell
  • S.O by Kelly Lee Owens
  • Your Day In The Sun by Gel-Sol
  • Karen by No Mask Effect
  • Golden Times 1 by Ben Lukas Boysen
  • Hypnotise ft. Kid A by Throwing Snow
  • Evolution by Kelly Lee Owens
  • Sho U Rite by Kerrier District
  • Lichterschmaus by Pantha Du Prince
  • Recursion by Throwing Snow
  • Captcha by USRNM
  • Jahovia by Rebel MC
  • This Was Supposed To Be The Future by fedbymachines
  • Gurnolsunskje Tragedyje by Karol Gwozdz
  • Moodswing by Sorrow
  • Down by Run The Jewels Feat. Joi
  • Raxmus by Black Dog
  • Ayr by Bicep
  • She Who Is Tested by DJ Vadim
  • Sunday Well by Ciaran Byrne
  • Anticipating Violence by Asher Levitas

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