The Shed Collective present ‘The Hiatus Podcast Vol.6’

Its been a while since I put one of these out, so let me share with you some of the best music around xxx

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  • Baby It’s Not My Will by Christopher Port
  • La Lluvia by Alejandrito Argeñal
  • Local Tone by Buckminster Fuzeboard
  • A simple decision by Cuttooth
  • Gambino by Mr. Backside
  • The Journey (Gavsborg (Equiknoxx) Remix) by Illum Sphere
  • Isolation (Hidden Track) by AK420
  • A Story To Tell by Prozak Morris
  • The Sickness by Laurence Made Me Cry
  • Life, Life by Ryuichi Sakamoto
  • Deep Heart by Diane Marie Kloba
  • Slip Sliding Away by Steven Rutter
  • Box by Manfred Hamil
  • Eyn Hallow by Michael Price
  • F-Lower by Vesna
  • Give Up by Manfred Hamil
  • Blood Rain by Ital Tek
  • Heard It All Before by Laurence Made Me Cry
  • PAXHACK by Macerator
  • Spock Covex by Ochre & Roel Funcken
  • On The Streets by Mr. Backside
  • Somehow by Christian Kleine
  • Hand In Hand by Steven Rutter
  • Broque by The Generic
  • Envelopes (Chapter VI) by Leon Vynehall
  • Balaklavskiy Prospex (Ben Milstein rmx) by Roel Funcken
  • Quick Eternity (Four Tet Remix) by Daniel Avery
  • Blackpool Sands Forever (Rival Consoles Remix) by Daniel Brandt
  • Cantus Patris by Antonio Trinchera
  • Stars Collide by Arovane & Hior Chronik
  • Glow Worms by Cheju
  • Mind Tricks (LKSDRHSTLR x AK420) by LKSDRHSTLR
  • Lexicon by µ-Ziq featuring Kazumi

The Shed Collective present ‘The Hiatus Podcast Vol.5 – Manfred Hamil’

Manfred Hamil presents a selection of late night tunes interwoven with tracks from his latest album ‘Echoes of Earlier Work and Other People’

Featuring tracks from artists such as Rival Consoles, Jon Hopkins, Dementio13, Daniel Avery, Antonio Trencher, Flame 1 amongst others. Pour yourself a drink, put your headphones on and drift away.

Echoes is available from bandcamp

The Shed Collective Podcast on iTunes 🙂
  • Ex Parallel by Manfred Hamil
  • Stereo L by Daniel Avery
  • Spohek by International Debris
  • Emerald Rush by Jon Hopkins
  • Impulse Weight by Manfred Hamil
  • Dreamer’s Wake by Rival Consoles
  • TBW17 by Daniel Avery
  • Imposter Syndrome by Manfred Hamil
  • Sediments by Dementio13
  • Persona by Rival Consoles
  • The Wind Make Himself by Antonio Trinchera
  • Rehabilitation by Manfred Hamil
  • Fog by Flame 1
  • Sunson by Nils Frahm
  • Pull The Cord by Manfred Hamil
  • Domestico by Obsil
  • Fragment by Rival Consoles
  • Kicking About by Dementio13
  • Expansion Charity by Manfred Hamil
  • Opal (Four Tet remix) by Bicep
  • Back And Forth by Volor Flex
  • Habit Liability by Manfred Hamil
  • Swim by Douglas Dare
  • Feels Like Love by Htrk
  • ARPing On by Manfred Hamil
  • Earth To Echo by Manfred Hamil
  • Wait by Tidewater Pulse
  • Get With The Times by Manfred Hamil

The Shed Collective present ‘The Hiatus Podcast Vol.4’

More from the Shed….

The Shed Collective Podcast on iTunes 🙂


  • The Full Retard by El-P
  • Lazy Sunday by The Lonely Island Feat. Chris Parnell
  • S.O by Kelly Lee Owens
  • Your Day In The Sun by Gel-Sol
  • Karen by No Mask Effect
  • Golden Times 1 by Ben Lukas Boysen
  • Hypnotise ft. Kid A by Throwing Snow
  • Evolution by Kelly Lee Owens
  • Sho U Rite by Kerrier District
  • Lichterschmaus by Pantha Du Prince
  • Recursion by Throwing Snow
  • Captcha by USRNM
  • Jahovia by Rebel MC
  • This Was Supposed To Be The Future by fedbymachines
  • Gurnolsunskje Tragedyje by Karol Gwozdz
  • Moodswing by Sorrow
  • Down by Run The Jewels Feat. Joi
  • Raxmus by Black Dog
  • Ayr by Bicep
  • She Who Is Tested by DJ Vadim
  • Sunday Well by Ciaran Byrne
  • Anticipating Violence by Asher Levitas

The Shed Collective present ‘The Hiatus Podcast Vol.3’

Back with more…Heres the 3rd episode in the Hiatus series, hope you enjoy.

The Shed Collective Podcast on iTunes 🙂
  • War From A Harlots Mouth by Leroy “FatVonFree” Freeman Jr.
  • Stern by Mr. Backside
  • Oort Cloud by HOME
  • Großer Fehler (Skit) by Mr. Backside
  • Fremdkörper by Mr. Backside
  • Stay Positive by The Streets
  • Lost Myself In You ft. Ru by Arutani
  • Cosmo Surfin by Arutani
  • Una Corduroy by Manfred Hamil
  • 0Information And Indication by Karsten Pflum
  • JNSN CODE GL16 by Autechre
  • Complaining Of Feeling Unwell by The Remote Viewer
  • You Are Loved by Four Tet
  • Nobody Chose You by Christopher Port
  • Shed by Kiasmos
  • Xing Tian by Daphni
  • Make Acid Great Again by Hardfloor
  • Tin by Daphni
  • Heavens by Christopher Port
  • Tiny Car by Ariadne’s Labyrinth
  • Frozen Waves by Antonio de Braga
  • Sound City by Ariadne’s Labyrinth
  • Under Hell by exm
  • Nobody Speak feat Run The Jewels by DJ Shadow
  • A Floor of Bees Outside The House by The Remote Viewe
  • Ninjalady by Mr. Backside

The Shed Collective present ‘The Hiatus Podcast Vol.2’

Heres the 2nd episode in the Hiatus series, hope you enjoy.

The Shed Collective Podcast on iTunes 🙂

  • California Dreaming Part III….(Cocaine & Ether Trips) by Leroy “FatVonFree” Freeman Jr.
  • Where Are You My Dear Sound Wave by Prozak Morris
  • Waiting By An Open Door by Asher Levitas
  • Every Wish’ll by BostonBeatdown
  • Marbles In My Oatmeal by Prozak Morris
  • State of Play by Manfred Hamil
  • Milquetoast by The Night Programme
  • Still by Black Chapel
  • She Spoke Of The Sky by Boc Scadet
  • Silurian Blue by Floating Points
  • Space and Time by Manfred Hamil
  • Blessed Mother by Asher Levitas
  • Gaunt by Kiasmos
  • Love Until We by BostonBeatdown
  • Rodent by Burial
  • DETUNED by Eden Grey
  • Aphelion by Forever Sound
  • Droid Shop by Paranerd
  • Rendezvous by Drøn
  • Hollow by Manfred Hamil
  • Dank by Misty Conditions
  • Opal by Bicep
  • SK1-The Damager by Neil Landstrumm
  • Dub In It by Pig & Dan
  • While The Cold Winter Waiting by Trentemøller
  • Graham Crackers (instrumental) by Purple Dialect
  • Nightfall Pale Blue by Kid Koala Feat. Emilíana Torrini
  • White On Black by Michael Mathy

The Shed Collective present ‘The Hiatus Podcast’

I’m having a little break from doing the radio show for a while, however, I can’t resist sharing some of the fabulous music that i’ve been listening to recently. Hope you enjoy this hiatus podcast

Listen Here or via The Shed Collective Podcast on iTunes 🙂
Track Listing
0:40   Two Fingers – Crunch
4:34   Purple Dialect – Daylight
7:00   Min-Y-Llan – Bodydrone (Cyance Remix)
11:12   Black Magic – Trip Thru Time (feat Krukid & Harsh pro)
15:40   Blackalicious – Aural Pleasure
20:20   Machinedrum featuring Rosie Lowe – What Is This feat. Rosie Lowe
23:06   Macerator – Hello Dear
23:16    Any Colour You Like –  Orange Beacons
29:00   Romare – Come Close To Me (Live Session 1)
37:00   Various Artists – Olancha Hello
39:40   Conrad Schnitzler & Pole – Lacht
46:00   Actress – Jardin
50:44   Manfred Hamil – onStop
56:20   Leon Vynehall – …There Is You
1:01:40   The Early Years – Fluxus
1:06:40   David Morley – Equator
1:11:40   FatVonFree – Moment of Silence
1:16:00   Tricky – Here My Dear
1:16:40   B12 – Battle Deep Within
1:21:00   The Egyptian Lover – Freaky Deaky Machine
1:26:20   FatVonFree – One Block 14 Black Churches, Pt. 2
1:32:40   Four Tet – Ribbons
1:33:30  Purple Dialect – Record Stop (feat. Leemlizzy)
1:37:20   Min-Y-Llan – A Thousand Years Of Darkness (BLN Remix)
1:41:30   Cristian Vogel – Barefoot Agnete
1:49:20   Run The Jewels – Blockbuster Night Part 1
1:52:00   FatVonFree – Passive Aggressive
1:54:30   Purple Dialect – Beach Party (feat. Darko the Super)
1:59:00   Rival Consoles – Holste

Douglas Deep’s Radio Show #37 01/05/17 – Macerated Beats 4

This months shed collective features some lesser known but nonetheless amazing artists.

Listen Again Here or via The Shed Collective Podcast on iTunes 🙂

So here are some links for their respective websites or albums.

Track Listing

  • Different – SomeGuy
  • Otherworld – Fanu
  • Faze – AK420
  • Devil Chord – Fanu
  • Mr Tav – felicidad – beats>sleep compilation microwaved beat sessions
  • Arrival – Sojo Soul Futureland
  • Another Day – Limes
  • The Darkest Day – Kid Koala Feat. Emilíana Torrini
  • nahncenz – caHOEnes – beats>sleep compilation microwaved beat sessions
  • earth.roam – evx
  • Rack Move Key – The Night Programme
  • An Aborted Beginning – Nils Frahm
  • Finder – Moderat
  • 2dst-m (Nitz Remix) – Bleupulp
  • Adrift – Kid Koala Feat. Emilíana Torrini
  • Xylo – Sojo Soul Futureland
  • IV – KCV$
  • Klodsmajor – Trentemøller
  • Get Out – Tammy Briggs
  • Yogi – Inflatable Rafts – beats>sleep compilation microwaved beat sessions
  • Cloud Pleaser – Sojo Soul Futureland
  • Endless – Funk D’Void
  • Inner City Life (Burial Remix) – Goldie & Burial
  • Glitch – Autechre
  • Just For A Day (Sunday) – TM Juke
  • mantra centauri – Sicilian AV project
  • Purple Dialect – krampus – beats>sleep compilation microwaved beat sessions
  • For Marmish – Floating Points
  • Burnt – Kiasmos